There is a lot to see & do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Old Town - Photo by Jonathan Chng

Visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and has a number of attractions. There are a few of these which simply should not be missed.

Reaching Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a very well connected place. You can take a flight from Ireland, the UK, Europe, America, Australia and any other parts of the world. You may also take a bus, catamaran or ferry from Europe or other parts of Croatia to Dubrovnik! Basically, it means that reaching this city is an easy task as you have a wide variety of options to choose from. But do note that you cannot reach this place by train as there is no train station here.

Places To See

Dubrovnik, Croatia is full of many amazing and spectacular sights that will simply leave you spellbound!

The best time to visit this place is in the summers but spring and autumn are also welcome. At this time, you need to visit the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It features various music, dance as well as theatre performances. The Stradun or the Placa in the Old Town cannot be missed. It is the main thoroughfare here. You can have a drink at one of the cafes nearby and watch in amazement as the world goes by!

Once you are in Dubrovnik, Croatia, you would be overwhelmed with the options available to you for sightseeing, eating, staying, discovering and exploring.

We will describe just a small part of the gems and others you should search and explore many others by yourself, it will be more interesting but we will surely write more about them!

Enter the Old Town through the Pile Gate and start your journey.

Dubrovnik Old Town - Photo by Spencer Davis
Dubrovnik Old Town – Photo by Spencer Davis

The Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town is also a world heritage site today. Its city walls are so well maintained that you can even walk along with them! You can view the Old Town from the top as well as the shimmering Adriatic. The walls were nearly 1.5m thick initially as they were constructed in order to save the city from the invasion of the Turks. The entire old town was surrounded by a stone barrier which was nearly 2km long and 25m high. The walls are thicker on the land side and lesser on the waterside. While they are nearly 6m thick on the land side, they are between 1.5m and 3 m wide on the seaside.

War Photo Limited

This is a permanent exhibition. It reveals the horrifying truths about war. It speaks through its exhibits of how war impacts the common people as well as the combatants. These exhibits have been curated by the New Zealand photojournalist, Wade Goddard. The upper floor features exhibits on the many wars in Yugoslavia. All kinds of conflicts are shown here in brutal honesty. You will have an immensely powerful experience here.

The Cable Car

Even if you have traveled in the cable car before, you would still be intrigued by this cable car ride. It is just a four-minute ride. It takes you from the north of the city walls to Mt Srd. Once there you can have a stupendous view of the city from a height of 405m. You can see the terracotta-tiled rooftops, Lokrum Island, the Adriatic and much more. The view will remain as a memory with you forever. You can have a better view through the telescopes placed there. You may rest there awhile while enjoying snacks at the restaurant located there.

Franciscan Monastery

This will be the next in your must-see list. This monastery is surrounded by solid stone walls. Inside is a 14th-century cloister. You will also find a pharmacy inside. This place also houses a museum that has items like gold, jewelry, paintings, relics, medical books, lab gear and so on. Even the artillery gear that had pierced its stone walls in the 1990s war has been placed here.

There is a pieta over the door which is a marvel in itself. Only the portal remains from the richly decorated church, as all else was destroyed in the earthquake of 1667. The cloister can be admired for its beauty. Each capital over the dual columns has a different figure. There are human heads, flowers or some animal. The center has a square garden. It is shaded by palm and orange trees.

Inside is a functioning pharmacy, which can be among the oldest functioning pharmacies of Europe.

As you can see, Dubrovnik is a place where you will be spoilt for choice with the options available to you.

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